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The Process

For the One Feeding Centers

We currently fund four feeding centers between 2 islands. Our very first feeding center is located on the island of Mamitupu which feeds 150 children per day. Most of the kids are between the ages of 1-4. Babies under one are usually nursing, and at 5 years old they can get one meal a day at school. However, the pastors that run these centers will try and give food to any age that needs it. The other feeding centers serves approximately 80+ children per day, and they are also mainly between 1-4 years old. There are women who have been hired as cooks at both locations. They prepare all of the meals and receive a small salary each month.

The process begins when these children go to the local clinic where they are weighed and measured. The doctors have signs they look for to determine malnourishment. Some of the signs are distended belly, reddish streaks in their hair and stunted growth. Many of these kids are very small for their age. If they are deemed “malnourished” by the local doctor, they are sent to the Pastor of the island to be added to the list of children who get one meal per day. The Pastor is in charge of the feeding center operations. We have Pastor Edidio in Mamitupu who handles purchasing the food for that feeding center and paying three cooks to make food each day. We have Pastor Venancio and his wife Indira in Ailigandi in charge of that location. These men and their families are incredible and have huge servant hearts for their people.

This is an actively moving and fluid organization and we seek to be constantly advancing in a positive direction. This will never be a stagnant operation. We want to see kids get healthy, parents become educated, and feeding centers not needed in the years to come. We plan to open many more centers over the years and create a model on how to operate a successful feeding center. We also have a vision for serving orphans and giving them hope and a home.


100% of the money raised goes to these sweet people


A combination of chicken, rice, beans, milk, eggs, bread, cheese, lentils, fish, soup and oatmeal


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There are other locations in the San Blas Islands that need feeding centers as well. Hearing that babies are dying in some areas is what keeps us up at night. All four feeding centers are currently operating and we have plans to continue looking for other feeding center locations as they become available.

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Why Are We Stepping In?

We are stepping in because we saw that something needed to be done for these children. If we don't do anything, who will? Since we have started to supply food we have seen many children get healthier over time.

We partner with an agriculture organization that is educating the parents of these children. They are teaching them farming, gardening, raising animals and how to use the resources they already have.

Because of where these islands are located it is hard to get goods out there from Panama City. Food is purchased off of the trade boats that come by from Columbia. They use the funds we send to purchase food off of these boats to sustain the centers.

Working together we can make a larger impact and change lives through nourishing bodies and sharing the gospel

For the same price or less than your favorite cup of Starbucks coffee you can feed one child a day for an entire month! Amazing Right? Help us today to provide lasting nourishment for a child in need.

400 children from ages 1-4 years old are feed one meal per day. It’s approximately $2,500/month to cover all costs and exactly $5.33 for one child to be able to eat for a month.

One Child


Per Month

Support a child each month and provide them one meal a day
Four Children


Per Month

A typical meal includes two of the following: rice, beans, chicken, eggs, soup, cheese, lentils

Help Us Monthly

As of today, 400 children are fed one meal each day. They are deemed ``malnourished`` by a local doctor. The Pastor, the church and cooks are in charge of the daily operation of the feeding centers. 1 child for a month is $5.33. 2 children for a month is $10.66. 4 children for a month is $21.32. One child for a year is $64. To cover all costs associated with the feeding centers for a month is $2,500.