Garrett and Emily can be scheduled individually and separately to speak at events. They have done events where they shared both a message and about the nonprofit, and also have been to meetings where they solely were asked to speak on the work and vision of For the One International. Emily has been a guest speaker at several women’s conferences and retreats. She is passionate about Jesus, what He has done in her life and the freedom and deliverance she found in Him. Topics she has spoken on along with her testimony include: freedom, the healing of the Holy Spirit, breaking free from bondage and addiction, Jesus being the key, and can speak into many other areas with her own testimony and trials. She loves helping people find hope.

Garrett has been a guest speaker and also keynote speaker at numerous events and men’s conferences. He puts his past and testimony out on display so that the world can see the redeeming work Jesus has done in his life. He is transparent about his rocky past and all that he has walked through and what God has brought him through. Topics he has spoken about along with his testimony include: freedom, breaking free from bondage and addiction, forgiveness, his journey as a Major League Baseball player, marriage, fatherhood, manhood, and more. They have also spoken together about the restoration of their marriage. They share about For the One International’s mission and vision and upcoming projects.

To get in contact with them about speaking opportunities, please reach out to Emily to schedule by contacting us at 713-480-8440 or info@fortheoneinternational.com

One Child


Per Month

Support a child each month and provide them one meal a day
Four Children


Per Month

A typical meal includes two of the following: rice, beans, chicken, eggs, soup, cheese, lentils

Help Us Monthly

250 children from ages 1-4 years old are feed one meal per day. These children are deemed “malnourished” by a local doctor and sent to the Pastor of different islands. From there, the Pastor and church are in charge of the daily operation of cooking and feeding the children.