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Freedom Key Necklace

In January 2019, God gave me a vivid vision and assignment. I had a vision of Him being in front of our church walking around person by person, wearing a key necklace and unlocking their hearts with the key. He pressed on my spirit that HE is the key to freedom. Jesus is the only key. And He gives that same key to us- to go out and unlock the hearts of others. We can take the freedom of Jesus and share it with the world. This world is looking for hope and peace now more than ever. Whatever your testimony and story is that He has walked you through, God wants you to share that and share the hope that is only found in Him. He told me to partner with a jewelry company to create this necklace and that a portion of the sales would go to For the One International. I didn't know where to start but He stayed on me about this and showed me what steps to take.

18 months went by of dreams and visions of keys, lots of prayers, praying for strategic partners, and obedience to bring this God assignment to life. So much has gone into this behind the scenes and God helped me see it through to completion. He led me to Jennifer Welker and The Golden Thread Jewelry Company in Houston. She did an amazing job and this necklace looks exactly how God showed me it would. You make the purchase through Golden Thread website as they are the designers of this necklace. They send a portion of all sales to For the One. When you wear this necklace, remember that you carry Jesus and He wants you to use your testimony to change the world around you! You have the key to unlock freedom in others! You have a specific story and God-assignment to share with the world. It is a tangible reminder of what we carry!

Golden Thread is a luxe line of customizable jewelry hand-made in Houston, Texas, with the perfect juxtaposition of personalization and style, new trends and timeless classics.